Anhui Kingpower Equipment & Mould Manufacture Co, Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, which has been specialized in Researching, Designing, and manufacturing home appliances production equipments for nearly 20 years. It has one “State-level enterprise technology centers”. During decade’s development and efforts, in this industry, our company has become the only one “National Torch Plan High-tech enterprises”, and the biggest home appliance production equipments manufacturer.

The company is located in Chuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province. There are more than 700 of working staff in the company, and more than 1/3 of them are engineers and technicians. Our equipment and moulds product have occupied more than 70% of domestic market share, and imported to France, Egypt, Pakistan,Indonesia, Mexico, India, Iran, America, and so on, nearly 30 countries and area.

In recent years, the company is always in the wake of cutting-edge technology in the world, and put the Hydraulic technology, Network Technology and Servo Technology into the manufacture, realized the integration innovation in light, electricity, machinery, and hydraulic. The company is marked with the state's key new product and Anhui Province major technologies equipment such as: “Multipurpose Fluorine-free foam equipment ”, “Multi-station Vacuum forming machine based on Network control technology ”. “Drum washing machine the tube & shell Flexible production lines”. Now, our company’s core status in this industry is firmly consolidated. Our company also emphasis on the protection of the Intellectual Property, has decades of Product patents, and is the only enterprise who drafts the three National Standards of the home appliance production equipments and moulds.

“Being in the vanguard of equipment for home appliance products in the world, and a pioneer of new model equipment industry”, which is the goal of our company. We will vigorously implement the strategy say “Innovation Project, Talent Project, Quality engineering and international projects” construction. To build "appliances and equipment National Engineering Research Center" as an opportunity to realize the aim that changing the "Made in China" into "Created in China", leading the development of the world's household electrical appliances equipment to make its own contribution.

Nanjing Haichang Intelligent Equipment C0, Ltd was established in 2017 in Nanjing. With more than 400 employees, the company is a key high-tech enterprise under the national torch program, a national innovative enterprise, and an important enterprise in the research and development and manufacturing of complete sets of home appliances equipment in China.

Core Values of KINGPOWER

Customer-oriented, results-oriented, matter-of-fact as the criterion, long-term adhere to hard work and self-criticism.

"Ten principles" of Kingpower

Persist in hard work and never waver

Adhere to the responsibility of the result-oriented unwavering

Adhere to customer - centered unwavering

Insist on the development of equipment mold

We will remain committed to openness and cooperation

Persevere in self-criticism

We must seek truth from facts and never waver

Insist on training the team unwavering

Stick to post rotation

Adhere to the selection of "integrity, honesty, simple and practical" candidate standards do not waver

Scientific and technological strength

1. Five national key new products:

IMG(female) thermoforming mould

Complete equipment for automatic forming of grating fluorescent lamps

Multi station refrigerator cabinet thermoforming machine

Flexible manufacturing system for rapid prototyping of inner shell of drum washing machine

High precision large double compound vacuum forming mould

2. Three National Technological Innovation Fund Projects for Small and Medium-sized Technological Enterprises:

Multi-station vacuum bubble forming equipment based on network control technology

Multi-station rapid vacuum forming equipment for plastic sheet based on network control technology

Double compound vacuum forming mould

3. Four high-tech products of Anhui Province:

Multi-station vacuum bubble forming equipment based on network control technology

CNC Foaming Equipment for Medium and High-grade Automobile Instrument Panel Based on Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet

Flexible equipment for rapid prototyping of inner cylinder shell of roller washing machine

Double compound vacuum forming mould

4. Five science and technology research achievements certificate in Anhui province

Multi-station refrigerator liner forming machine,

Flexible production equipment for forming inner drum shell of drum washing machine

Automotive panel foam forming equipment based on flexible manufacturing technology

Double compound vacuum forming mould

Flexible production equipment for energy saving building thermal insulation board

Development and industrialization of intelligent equipment for home appliances, solar energy industry

Research on flexible automatic assembly line of automobile parts

5. Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award:

Second prize: flexible production equipment for forming inner cylinder shell of drum washing machine

Four third prizes: plastic forming die and cold stamping die CAD expert system, multi-station refrigerator inner liner forming machine, dual-material composite vacuum forming die, multi-station vacuum forming equipment and key technology and application;

6. Two of the first major technical equipment in Anhui Province:

Rapid Vacuum Molding Complete Equipment for Multi-station Plastic Plate Compression Based on Network Control Technology

A Vacuum Forming Machine Compatible with Punch and Concave Dies and with Air Compression Function

7. Chuzhou Science and Technology Progress Award:

First prize 3 items: multi-station refrigerator inner liner forming machine, drum washing machine inner liner shell forming flexible production equipment, dual-material compound vacuum forming die;

Second prize 2 items: refrigerator production line technology and equipment, concave die vacuum forming technology;

Two third prizes: automatic forming equipment for grid fluorescent lamps and foaming forming equipment for automotive dashboard based on flexible manufacturing technology

8. Three national standards:

Technical conditions of vacuum forming die

Plastic Vacuum Molding Machine

General technical requirements for shell sheet metal forming equipment

9. Three industry standards:

Technical conditions of polyurethane foam moulds

General Technical Specifications for Polyurethane Foaming Equipment

Technical specification of sheet metal forming line for side plate of refrigerator

10. Five software authorship rights:

Control System Software for Sheet Metal Forming Line of Refrigerator Side Plate

Control System Software of Linear Refrigerator Foaming Production Line

Control System Software for Foaming Production Line of Automobile Instrument Panel

Control System Software of Multi-station Vacuum Molding Machine

Production Management Software for Equipment Mold Manufacturing Industry