• Seat foam line
    Seat foam line
    Suitable for automobile seat foaming. It is widely used in foaming production of military and civil vehicle seats, headrest and other parts. It is mainly compo
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  • Automated assembly and logistics equipment
    Automated assembly and lo
    According to the production process of customers'factories, provide automation and intelligent solutions to realize the modern logistics layout of factories an
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  • Hydraulic press
    Hydraulic press
    It adopts frame or four-column structure, which is suitable for stamping automobile sheet metal parts, interior decoration parts and military radar she
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  • Logistics Line
    Logistics Line
    Including logistics drum line, plate chain line, belt line, steering special aircraft, hoisting special aircraft and other kinds of logistics assembly special
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  • Vacuum Activation Equipment for Automotive Interior
    Vacuum Activation Equipme
    It is suitable for vacuum activation of automotive interiors. It is mainly composed of moving part of tire mould, heating oven, cooling system, pneumat
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