• CNC Sheet metal forming line
    CNC Sheet metal forming l
    CNC is the abbreviation of Computernumerical Control, which is an automated machine tool controlled by program. The CNC sheet metal forming line is
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  • Automatic mold change revolving door foam line
    Automatic mold change rev
    The production line of this product adopts automatic turnover type quick mold change device. It is mainly used in the process equipment of foaming f...
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  • Straight-line cabinet foam line
    Straight-line cabinet foa
    The foaming line by the preheat oven, dynamic drum line, into the box 90 ° steering machine (including body recognition) and bidirectional deli...
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  • Hydraulic tank foam line
    Hydraulic tank foam line
    Hydraulic straight line cabinet foaming line is a full automatic refrigerator freezer foaming production line which integrates cabinet preheating, l...
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  • Rotary door foaming equipment
    Rotary door foaming equip
    The foaming line is a rotary (hub type) seven (eight) station door body foaming equipment, mainly used for refrigerator (cabinet) door body foaming. It is com...
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